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Jan 012019

We are happy to include a new section of articles submitted by visitors to our site. In most cases they are descriptions of individual events described by survivors and or witnesses to the actual event.

To every contributor we send our sincere thanks and eternal gratitude.

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Nov 152012

We have now completed the plots for all V2 incidents. We offer a map for each of the months of the campaign (September 1944 to March 1945) and a combined map that includes all incidents. Once again we stress that the locations of the strikes are a conversion of the war time map references and unless we have missed transcribed the original map reference and/or made an error in completing the conversion form on or used the wrong co-ordinates from the conversion, then we can not amend any plot. We do not doubt that at least some of the map references quoted in the original documents may be wrong and we welcome your comments on any errors contained in the original records.

The maps can be found here:

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Sep 082012

We believe that as the number of people who lived through the terrifying V2 Rocket campaign this site is concerned with diminishes relentlessly then it necessarily follows that the pool of knowledge of these events also diminishes.

Although you may be reluctant to revisit events you have probably spent the best part of your life trying to forget,  it is our hope that you will enable us to transform this site into more than just a bland list of official reports by sharing your stories.

The easiest method is to complete one of the comment forms available on most pages. Your e-mail address will definitely NOT be available to anyone other than the administrator of the site.

For longer contributions/articles please consider our Your Stories Pages

We have, after an increasing number of requests, added a section for V1 and other WW2  memories

You are also welcome to use our CONTACT FORM if you wish.

Please note

All of the information we have on ALL of the V2 incidents is included on our site.

We are more than happy to help if you are having trouble in finding any specific incident.

We cannot and do not offer any research services.

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Aug 032012

Received a really pleasant surprise this morning – I recently requested copies of  document HO 192/728 at The National Archives as was suggested by John Pridige way back in September 2010 when they arrived this morning not only do they contain the copy of the Ministry of Home Security Bomb Census B.C.4. form containing the Damage Report I was expecting but there were also copies of sketches and map tracings detailing the area of damage but there was also a series of 10 photographs of the damage. For over 30 years I have been searching for just a single photograph!

You will find the transcription here and I will make a request to The National Archives for permission to upload copies of the photographs etc.

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