“Big Ben” Rocket Strikes



Lewis Blake tells us in his book, “Bolts from the Blue” that:

 The Ministry of Home Security produced two lists of V2 incidents. One listing omitting at least some of the offshore falls. The larger list contains 1,115 incidents, the smaller list containing 1,083 incidents.

We recently obtained copies of all the documents in AIR 20/4126 – “Big Ben”: Enemy long range rockets: list of incidents, September 1944 to March 1945 from The National Archives, Kew. On the following pages you will find our interpretation of all the data we have collected so far:

 We would like to suggest that you take a look at the excellent website compiled by Stephen Hendon: www.flyingbombsandrockets.com

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  1. Incident Number 212
    @ 22:32 on Saturday 18 November 1944” Rush Green Romford, my family lived in Rose Glen at the time, my Grandfather was in the ARP, luckily they were in their Anderson at the time but all the windows and the roof was blown off the house, my Grandmother was very upset as her new curtains and nets were now rags, two houses were vaporised and many others damaged, my mother told me about this when I was a child in the fifties….

  2. Any info would be much appreciated. I was living with my grandparents about 500 yards from the site of the strike. I was 6.

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