Why so Little Information?


In his book “Bolts from the Blue” subtitled “S.E. London and Kent under V2 Rocket Attack”, published in 1990, Lewis Blake writes about a deliberate government policy to deny the enemy any news of the V2 campaign especially in the first couple of months including any admission that there was such a campaign. This has led ultimately to a distinct lack of newspaper reports even after the campaign had finished, local newspapers never reported anything more than a selection of the worst incidents. With regard to this attack Lewis Blake states:


With the exception of a V2 in fields at Tatsfield on 12 January an  incident-free period of five days followed Adolphus Street. It was  broken at 4.13pm, 14 January, at Panmure Road, Sydenham. Once again burning coals set fire to the debris of fallen houses. Rescuers tried to cut through a party wall to reach a trapped child endangered by the flames, but tragically the flames were fanned by a sudden gust of wind and the child was burned to death. 14 people died altogether, mostly at No’s. 4a, 9 and 6-14, and there were 80 injuries. Admiral Evans visited  the site later and saw for himself how a row of houses had simply caved in from the rear where the rocket had fallen in the gardens.


Admiral Evans was London Regional Commissioner for Civil Defence.

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  1. Do you know is Lewis Blake still alive and contactable

    • Sorry we have no idea if he is still alive or is contactable. From what we can remember we belive “Lewis Blake” may be a pen name but what is certain is that all three of “his” books were privately published so it’s not possible to contact a publisher.

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