11 Calton Rd: the GREGORY FAMILY


V2 Incident Number 568

The following were the effects upon the Gregory Family of 11 Calton Road:

Leslie Herbert Gregory ( 1898-1945; a WW1 veteran who had lost his leg whilst serving with the Essex Yeomanry ) was walking in the street and had his lungs collapsed by the blast. His wife Marjorie Evelyn ( nee Hollington ; 1900-1985 ) and daughter Joan Barbara ( later Pamm; 1923-94) were inside the collapsed house and only survived because they were dropped down into the cellar as the house collapsed on top of, and around, them. His son Alan Foster was away at the time and returned home later on to find his father dead and the house in ruins. Very few possessions were salvaged from the ruins . After enduing subsequent bitter winters in the UK, the family decided to make a new start in a warmer climate and left for South Africa in 1948. Marjorie did not ever remarry. Joan and Alan married ( Joan to Matthew Pamm 1914-79 ) and had families in South Africa.

Anthony Pamm

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  1. Are you sure that your story is correct in that i don’t think any of the houses in Calton Road hah basements or cellars
    I lived in similar properties in Dalmeny Road and netherland Road, none to my knowledge had cellars

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