Incident Number 484


Sydney Road V2 bomb

My Dad told me this story. He lived in Raleigh Road. He was supposed to be playing football on Sydney Road with his friends, but they decided to go to the park instead. They were on the upper deck of a bus on their way back from the park when they saw the rocket land. When they got to the scene his mother was being comforted by neighbors,as they assumed the boys had all been killed. He was hugged and beaten in equal measure. He said the milkman and his horse had been killed, and next day he found out the girl he sat next to in school was also killed. This and other experiences left a permanent mark on him. It didn’t prevent him from becoming a thoroughly decent human being and father though.

Paul Hockaday

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  1. I was just a baby (living in Alexandra Road, just on the opposite side of Turnpike Lane), when this V2 landed. According to my Parents, our windows were blown out & I was covered in glass (fortunately not hurt. My parents also mentioned that the Milkman, that was killed, was also their Milkman. They also mentioned that he must have been at the centre of the Blast as, reportedly, nothing could be found of him, his Cart or his horse – except for the Horse’s head which was found some distance away!

  2. The milkman was my great grandfather, Samuel William Killick. I remember my dad telling me the story about the horses head being blown off. Apparantly this happened 8th January 1945.

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