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  1. V2 Attack Ashford Middlesex

    I lived in Chaucer Road when the attack occurred. The house windows where blown out having just been repaired following a nearby V1 attack. We had an indoor shelter (Morrison) by the window and the crump from the bomb followed by the screech of glass skidding across the steel top of the shelter made quite an impression on this 8 year old. I set off for school and when I got there to my delight it was a heap of rubble. With nothing better to do I teamed up with another kid and climbed into the bomb crater. It was quite deep and from the bottom all I could see was the sky framed by a circle of bricks. There had been a substantial free standing house there and it must have been a direct hit as nothing was left of it. Then a copper told us to clear off so I went home to a windowless house with part of the roof missing. No school for a long time !!

  2. my brother, keith john weston, aged 2, was killed when a v2 bomb fell on ashford avenue in hornsey n8 around september 1944. he lived in campsbourne road and my mother was taking him to priory park.

    • According to the Civillian War Dead Register Keith John Weston Died on 23 July 1944 (of 8 Campsbourne Road. Son of John Herbert and Queenie Isobel Weston. Injured at Ashford Avenue; died same day at Hornsey Central Hospital.) . This was nearly seven weeks before the very first V2 Incident on 8 September 1944 at Chiswick.

      Hope this helps.

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