January 1945

Key To Quoted Map References

Key To Quoted Map References

In this table the data contained in columns marked – No, Date, Time, Place, Map Reference and Crater  -is our transcription of the data in AIR 20/4126 at The National Archives.

The data in – Place Other, Killed and Injured – we have collected from various publications, lists and information from contributors.

Where a “§” appears in the LT column you can find further details on the V2 Rocket website including Launch Time, where fired from and launching Unit.

For date column of the 1,119 incidents logged in AIR 20/4126 –  366 of the incidents have been hand annotated with the letter “N”, 250 with the letter “K”, 66 with “?”, 19 with “Kew Failed”, 26 with “Dud Lighting”  and 392 with no annotation at all. Therefore in this column we have added the corresponding letter, question mark or left blank – for “Kew Failed we have put “KF” and “DL” for “Dud lighting”. If anybody has any idea what these annotations represent we would be very grateful if they could share that information with us. Likewise if anybody knows what “Off Map” reresents we would be grateful for an explanation.

NoDateL TTimePlacePlace otherMap ReferenceCraterKilledInjured
419? 01-01-45§01:55LaindonLaindon, Essex.M 123 08247' x 12'
420K 01-01-45§04:58LeytonLeytonL 840 08223' diameter
421K 01-01-45§05:25Halsteadin a wood at HalsteadQ 933 81234' x 11'
422K 01-01-45§06:22SandonSandon, Essex.Off Map L 788 540Not Available
423? 01-01-45§08:52Off FoulnessSea off Foulness.Off Map M 5010 approxIn Sea
424? 01-01-45§20:40Off ClactonEast BradwellOff Map M 9020 approxIn Sea
425? 02-01-45§03:35BarnesBarnesQ 666 972In reservoir
426K 02-01-45§09:20CheshuntWaltham CrossL 805 19731' x 7'
427K 02-01-45§12:15BeckenhamMidland Bank's Sportsground, Lennard Road, BeckenhamQ 808 89541' diameter14
428? 02-01-45§15:35GreenwichHome Guard AA gun battery, BlackheathQ 840 95835' diameter7
429N 02-01-45§15:46DoddinghurstDoddinghurstM 035 15345' x 14'
430K 02-01-45§18:20Bulls GreenStaplefordL 723 36225' x 12'
431N 02-01-45§18:51Ramsden HeathRamsden HeathM 158 142Airburst
432K 02-01-45§21:42Greenwichopen ground off Broad Walk, KidbrookeQ 860 95438' x 9'
433K 03-01-45§03:32ChelmsfordBillericay, Essex.M 157 23336' x 9'
434K 03-01-45§08:39EdmontonEdmontonL 781 14333' x 6'
435N 03-01-45§08:50ChelseaChelseaQ 723 97318' x 3'
43603-01-45§13:05SouthminsterSouthminster.Off Map M 418 17354' x 14'
43703-01-45§18:51SheeringHarlow / SheeringL 9233Airburst
43803-01-45§20:03TonbridgeTonbridgeR 021 64348' diameter
43903-01-45§23:50HornseyHornsey.L 737 08339' x 12'
44004-01-45§04:19HoddesdonHoddesdonL 815 30030' diameter
441K 04-01-45§12:30West HamWest HamL 840 02641' diameter1430
442K 04-01-45§12:36TitseyTitsey HillQ 811 759Airburst3
443N 04-01-45§12:56RayleighRayleighOff Map M 245 11443' x 12'
444K 04-01-45§15:43RunwellRunwellM 204 13341' x 12'
44504-01-45§16:13HackneyHackneyL 781 03639' x 7'1527
44604-01-45§16:13Little ThurrockLittle ThurrockR 0698Airburst
447K 04-01-45§18:35ClothallClothallL 718 52244' x 11'
448K 04-01-45§19:32IlfordIlfordL 899 04840' diameter216
449K 04-01-45§20:29LambethLambethQ 754 98245' diameter4326
450K 04-01-45§21:06StepneyStepneyL 803 00628' diameter311
451N 04-01-45§21:21Off SouthwoldSea off SouthwoldOff Map N 2090 approxIn Sea
452K 04-01-45§22:55CamberwellGlengarry Road, DulwichQ 7893Airburst
453N 05-01-45§00:12BromleyLogshill Road, Bromley / BeckenhamQ 865 89117' x 4'
454K 05-01-45§00:43NavestockNavestockM 010 16342' x 8'
455K 05-01-45§03:36WansteadWansteadL 861 06432' x 7'
456N 05-01-45§09:27LayhamRaydon areaOff Map M 4858Airburst
457N 05-01-45§14:12BillericayBillericay, Essex.M 1411Airburst
458N 05-01-45§15:12Tolleshunt D'ArcyTolleshunt D'ArcyOff Map M 372 28928' x 8'
459K 05-01-45§22:45CroydonAddington Golf CourseQ 812 81434' x 10'
460? 06-01-45§02:15DarenthIn field Darenth, KentR 025 89040' x 9'
461K 06-01-45§07:49HatfieldHatfieldL 705 25435' x 12'
462K 06-01-45§08:32Toot HillOngar Park WoodL 954 21425' x 8'
463K 06-01-45§13:43DeptfordKitto Road/Waller Road, DeptfordQ 800 95141' x 13'62
464K 06-01-45§16:28NorthawNorthaw, Hertfordshire.L 745 20330' x 12'
465K 06-01-45§16:46West HamWest HamQ 844 99530' diameter
466K 06-01-45§17:06CamberwellCourt Lane, CamberwellQ 778 93014' diameter534
467N 06-01-45§19:46ErithBelvedere Road, Abbey Wood (Erith Marshes)Q 918 990Airburst
468N 06-01-45§22:01Beazley EndBeazley EndM 209 46328' x 8'
469K 06-01-45§22:46CamberwellAzenby Road, CamberwellQ 779 95245' x 15'41
470? 07-01-45§01:45DagenhamDagenhamL 927 06926' diameter
471K 07-01-45§02:16TwickenhamTeddingtonQ 610 89540' x 9'
472K 07-01-45§04:56EdmontonTottenhamL 794 108In coal dump
473N 07-01-45§05:26GrayshottGuildford (Hog's Back)Q 2857 approxAirburst
474N 07-01-45§06:12Gt. BaddowGreat BeddowM 164 21343' x 14'
475N 07-01-45§12:14LeytonLeytonstoneL 8307Airburst
476K 07-01-45§15:40CheshuntCheshuntL 778 19937' x 12'
477? 07-01-45§16:48IlfordIlfordL 865 09044' x 13'
478? 07-01-45§17:15IslingtonIslington.L 755 04249' diameter
479? 07-01-45§17:36HuttonHuttonM 072 12426' x 8'
480N 07-01-45§18:13BrightlinseaBrightlingseaM 525 34636' x 6'
481K 08-01-45§10:43Waltham Holy CrossHigh BeechL 854 16751' x 15'
482K 08-01-45§11:24IslingtonIslingtonL 771 030Direct Hit
483K 08-01-45§12:14LewishamSydenhamQ 792 91451' x 15'
484K 08-01-45§12:37HornseyHornseyL 756 085Direct Hit
485N 08-01-45§13:14WilmingtonWilmingtonQ 950 89044' x 13'
486K 08-01-45§14:13BarkingBarking MarshesL 917 01760' diameter
487DL 08-01-45§15:18BarkingBarkingL 924 008Airburst
488N 08-01-45§16:02DatchworthDatchworthL 708 38948' x 14'
489K 08-01-45§16:33HampsteadWest HamsteadL 694 037On railway
490K 08-01-45§18:22WandsworthClapham CommonQ 735 94452' x 12'
491N 08-01-45§19:44ChislehurstBrooklands Avenue, SidcupQ 893 91747' diameter322
492K 08-01-45§22:29Stoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonL 766 06046' diameter
493K 09-01-45§10:50Beckenhamsportsground in King's Hall Road, BeckenhamQ 807 89054' x 14'20
494DL 09-01-45§14:05S. OckendonSouth OckendonM 054 01332' x 8'
495DL 09-01-45§17:16Little HallingburySawbridgeworthL 955 27154' x 14'
496DL 09-01-45§18:02BasildonBasildonM 163 09253' x 15'
497DL 09-01-45§19:29DeptfordAdolphus Street, DeptfordQ 812 96422' x 3'20103
498DL 09-01-45§22:15Gt. WarleyGreat Warley, Essex.M 016 09841' x 12'
499DL 10-01-45§00:27EdmontonEdmontonL 800 13943' diameter
500N 10-01-45§11:00Gt. TothamGreat TothamOff Map M 314 28440' x 12'
501N 10-01-45§11:14Stoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonL 766 06346' x 14'
502N 10-01-45§14:20HenlowHenlow / ArisleyOff Map L 630 56243' x 17'
503N 10-01-45§14:31BroomfieldBroomfieldM 142 28242' x 12'
50411-01-45§10:25RawrethBattlesbridgeOff Map M 228 12944' x 14'
505N 12-01-45§11:04South GreenSouth GreenM 132 12444' x 12'
506N 12-01-45§17:38Marden AshMarden AshL 996 21126' x 3'
507N 12-01-45§17:39TrimleyTrimleyOff Map M 721 54757' x 6'
508N 12-01-45§17:55WrittleWrittleM 127 24849' diameter
509N 12-01-45§19:35BorehamBorehamOff Map M 208 29339' x 13'
510N 12-01-45§19:46Off BradwellNorth Sea off BradwellOff Map M 5525In Sea
511? 12-01-45§20:45IlfordIlfordL 881 05334' x 7'1229
512K 12-01-45§22:16OrpingtonBiddlesteadQ 849 75944' x 14'
513? 13-01-45§00:59Toot HillToot HillL 956 20840' x 10'
514K 13-01-45§02:31Wood GreenWood GreenL 749 092On railway
515K 13-01-45§06:01IslingtonIslingtonL 749 05347' x 13'3228
516? 13-01-45§07:08PoplarPoplarL 819 01633' diameter223
517K 13-01-45§07:45Watton-at-StoneWatton at StoneL 745 38745' diameter4
518K 13-01-45§08:57Broadoak EndBroadoak EndL 753 32925' diameter
519N 13-01-45§11:30ChigwellChigwell, Essex.L 856 13934' x 8'3
520N 13-01-45§11:54EnfieldEnfield.L 7918 approxAirburst
521K 13-01-45§12:58West HamWest HamL 850 00236' diameter1591
522N 13-01-45§14:11South HornchurchSouth HornchurchL 952 02633' x 3'
523N 13-01-45§16:35West TilburyWest TilburyR 107 97242' x 10'
524N 13-01-45§16:43Off FoulnessNorth Sea off FoulnessOff Map M 5113In Sea
525N 13-01-45§17:58HockleyHockleyOff Map M 285 14345' diameter
526K 14-01-45§10:56Foulness IslandFoulness IslandM 4609In Mud
527K 14-01-45§11:36Abbess RodingAbbess RodingM 025 30039' x 10'
528K 14-01-45§12:12BarkingBarkingL 889 028Direct Hit852
529K 14-01-45§13:48BrickendonBeaumontL 773 255Not Available
530K 14-01-45§15:29CheshuntCheshuntL 794 21035' diameter321
531K 14-01-45§15:50IlfordIlfordL 911 07339' diameter311
532K 14-01-45§16:13LewishamPanmure Road, SydenhamQ 790 91327' diameter1480
533K 14-01-45§17:38ShoreditchShoreditchL 772 02646' x 4'2090
534K 14-01-45§20:59BarkingBarkingL 886 03136' diameter1440
535N 15-01-45§05:18Off ShoeburynessSea off Shoeburyness.M 6000 approxIn Sea
536N 15-01-45§09:07ChingfordChingfordL 826 13530' diameter210
537N 15-01-45§11:13WhitstableWhitstableOff Map R 557 84445' x 12'148
538N 15-01-45§17:17Off PallingOff PollingH 00.40 approxIn Sea
539K 15-01-45§18:54HackneyHackneyL 789 04843' diameter1
540K 15-01-45§23:13RainhamRainhamL 973 004Direct Hit144
541K 16-01-45§03:00Havering-atte-BowerNoak HillL 973 12035' x 9'
542N 16-01-45§09:09Off Herne Bay3/4 mile at sea off Hampton Point, Herne BayOff Map R 600 876In Sea
543K 16-01-45§10:58ChingfordChigwell, Essex.L 8413Airburst
544N 16-01-45§15:00River BlackwaterGoldhangerOff Map M 340 256In River
545K 16-01-45§19:10ChislehurstAirburst Nelson Place, SidcupQ 905 906Airburst
546N 16-01-45§20:32Cock ClarksCock ClarksOff Map M 235 21138' x 12'
547K 16-01-45§21:01HarlowHarlowL 912 30351' x 4'7
548? 16-01-45§21:54BansteadPoorfield Wood, ChipsteadQ 713 75924' x 6'6
549N 17-01-45§08:18MaylandMayland, EssexOff Map M 373 18656' x 14'
550K 17-01-45§11:43BengeoBengeo, HertfordshireL 763 32925' diameter
551K 17-01-45§12:18EssendonEssendon, HertfordshireL 698 28225' diameter1
552? 17-01-45§14:17CorringhamCorringham Marshes, EssexM 152 01256' x 6'
553? 17-01-45§16:42IngraveEast Horndon, EssexM 069 09021' x 5'
554? 17-01-45§16:59Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad OakL 994 33553' x 14'7
555K 17-01-45§18:34Much HadhamMuch Hadham, HertfordshireL 863 37325' diameter1
556K 17-01-45§19:37ChingfordChingfordL 822 12229' x 7'40
557N 19-01-45§23:09BarkingBarkingL 881 02669' diameter12
558N 19-01-45§23:13WansteadWanstead & Woodford.L 844 08745' diameter211
559N 19-01-45§23:41Gt. ParndonGreat Parndon, Essex.L 887 25938' x 11'
560N 20-01-45§01:16UpminsterUpminsterM 011 04839' diameter3
561N 20-01-45§02:57CanewdonCanewdon, EssexOff Map M 327 14344' x 14'
562N 20-01-45§05:01WalthamstowWalthamstowL 7909Airburst
563N 20-01-45§06:39East HamEast HamL 8700Airburst
564N 20-01-45§08:55TakeleyTakeley, EssexL 975 40631' x 8'
565K 20-01-45§10:06Bishops StortfordBishop's Stortford, HertfordshireL 933 42330' diameter
566K 20-01-45§10:52Potters BarPotter's Bar, HertfordshireL 707 19746' diameter2127
567? 20-01-45§11:21BarkingBarkingL 8802Airburst1
568K 20-01-45§13:15East BarnetEast BarnetL 710 14447' diameter1160
569N 20-01-45§16:05East HorndonEast Horndon, EssexM 080 08147' x 11'
570? 20-01-45§16:10Kelvedon HatchNavestock, EssexM 006 17745' x 12'8
571N 20-01-45§16:37RiverheadSpring Hill Wood, RiverheadQ 954 71846' x 15'
572N 20-01-45§18:08BroxbourneBroxbourne, HertfordshireL 805 248Airburst
573? 20-01-45§19:23GreenwichMaze Hill station, GreenwichQ 834 96831' x 7'19
574K 20-01-45§19:52TottenhamTottenhamL 772 07446' diameter2339
575K 20-01-45§22:49WansteadWanstead & Woodford.L 853 09142' x 11'1719
576N 21-01-45§02:05BidboroughBidborough / PlaxtolR 008 61841' x 9'
577K 21-01-45§12:11HendonHendonL 686 07541' x 10'17
578N 21-01-45§14:43LaindonLaindon, Essex.M 1208Airburst
579N 21-01-45§15:47Noak HillNoak HillL 991 12443' x 15'2
580N 21-01-45§16:50GreenwichOn Allotments Blackwall Lane, GreenwichQ 839 98132' x 8'10
581N 21-01-45§18:52RainhamRainhamL 943 00553' x 11'
582N 21-01-45§18:57WoolwichRipon Road, WoolwichQ 880 96547' diameter17
583N 21-01-45§19:12South OckendonSouth OckendonM 037 01750' x 12'9
584N 22-01-45§10:12West ThurrockWest ThurrockR 032 98834' x 8'
585K 22-01-45§12:15Friern BarnetFriern BarnetL 728 10643' diameter3
586K 22-01-45§14:37KingstonKingston-on-ThamesQ 633 89527' x 8'540
587K 22-01-45§17:14SouthwarkBorough High Street, SouthwarkQ 767 989Direct Hit27276
588K 23-01-45§08:37LewishamHither Green Cemetery, Verdant Lane, CatfordQ 839 91749' diameter12
589N 23-01-45§09:26Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy Cross (Airburst)L 8520Airburst2
590N 23-01-45§10:50MaylandMayland, EssexOff Map M 373 20049' x 13'
591N 23-01-45§11:45EdmontonEdmontonL 797 10839' diameter16
592N 23-01-45§15:51Stapleford TawnyNear Stapleford Abbotts, EssexL 937 16447' diameter1538
593K 23-01-45§19:14DagenhamDagenhamL 943 02031' diameter426
594N 23-01-45§21:52DarenthAirburst Horton KirbyR 008 885Airburst
595N 24-01-45§09:07Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 831 18048' x 11'2
596K 24-01-45§10:50EnfieldEnfield.L 734 19133' x 11'
597N 24-01-45§11:34EnfieldEnfield.L 791 16841' x 4'
598K 24-01-45§16:19GreenwichStockwell Street, GreenwichQ 827 96652' x 12'4109
599? 24-01-45§20:05NavestockNavestock, EssexM 003 16737' x 11'
600K 25-01-45§07:12EnfieldEnfield.L 766 16850' x 13'646
601K 25-01-45§08:19WillesdenWillesdenL 644 044Airburst2
602N 25-01-45§08:33Langdon HillsLangdon Hills, Essex.M 144 06023' x 6'
603N 25-01-45§12:01Hatfield HeathHatfield HeathL 984 34432' x 12'
604? 25-01-45§19:18DengieSea off ClactonOff Map M 442 185In Mud
605N 25-01-45§21:45GreenwichCharlton House, CharltonQ 858 96736' x 6'6
606K 26-01-45§06:11ElstreeShenley, HertfordshireL 654 18150' x 15'
607N 26-01-45§06:24WansteadWanstead & Woodford.L 846 07232' x 4'167
608N 26-01-45§06:32WoolwichAirburst Woolwich ArsenalQ 900 993Airburst
609N 26-01-45§09:05LeytonLeytonL 833 07249' x 17'32
610N 26-01-45§09:41Ardleigh GreenArdleigh Green, HornchurchL 984 08753' x 25'336
611N 26-01-45§09:54CranhamAveley, EssexM 0304Airburst
612K 26-01-45§10:40WandsworthClaphamQ 737 93245' x 14'18
613N 26-01-45§12:10DagenhamDagenhamL 9401Airburst
614K 26-01-45§14:43IlfordIlfordL 890 09839' x 9'
615N 26-01-45§18:07CroydonCoombe Farm, CroydonQ 783 83935' x 6'2
616N 26-01-45§23:01WoolwichWoolwich Church Street, WoolwichQ 864 98238' diameter8
617N 27-01-45§00:05East HamEast HamL 855 03130' diameter14
618N 27-01-45§02:14WickfordWickford, EssexM 184 10433' diameter
619N 27-01-45§03:40Canewdonarea of Latchingdon, EssexM 360 14539' x 9'
620N 27-01-45§03:45East HamEast HamL 8802Airburst3
621K 27-01-45§03:55HarrowStanmoreL 606 119285' x 5'
622K 27-01-45§03:57WalthamstowWanstead & Woodford.L 826 09717' x 5'
623N 27-01-45§09:45MountnessingMountnessing, EssexM 064 15946' x 15'
624N 27-01-45§12:26TillinghamTillingham, EssexOff Map M 446 22339' diameter
625K 27-01-45§16:02BatterseaBattersea.Q 706 94542' x 6'1544
626K 27-01-45§16:25Datchworth GreenDatchworth Green, HertfordshireL 718 37225' x 10'
627? 28-01-45§00:19Forest RowForest RowQ 882 56430' diameter
628K 28-01-45§00:43West HamWest HamL 853 036Direct Hit301
629K 28-01-45§02:29WillesdenWillesdenL 644 02143' x 9'
630N 28-01-45§03:30BenendenBenenden, KentOff Map R 246 52728' x 5'1
631K 28-01-45§05:07BromleyGarden Road, BromleyQ 852 89743' x 9'16
632K 28-01-45§06:51ChislehurstLonglands Road, SidcupQ 896 91438' x 9'16
633N 28-01-45§07:30Kirby-le-SokenKirby-le-Soken, EssexOff Map M 6841 approxIn Mud
634K 28-01-45§10:30East HamEast HamL 860 025Direct Hit1627
635N 29-01-45§05:55BradwellBradwell, Essex.Off Map M 432 24239' x 11'
636K 29-01-45§06:34Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 840 19745' x 12'1
637K 29-01-45§07:37Great AmwellGreat Amwell, HertfordshireL 815 30430' x 11'
638N 29-01-45§08:52DarenthDarenth, KentR 031 89631' x 5'5
639N 29-01-45§09:22ShotgateShotgate, EssexM 218 10938' x 12'3
640N 29-01-45§09:54AlthorneBridgemarsh Island, EssexOff Map M 343 151In Water
641K 29-01-45§10:02IslingtonStoke NewingtonL 7604Airburst
642N 29-01-45§15:35BradwellBradwell Bay Airfield, EssexOff Map M 457 26534' x 11'
224IncidentsJanuary 1945 Totals4642039
Transcription of The Ministry of Home Security list of "BIG BEN" (V2 rocket) incidents in January 1945. National Archives Document Reference - AIR 20/4126 - Data used by permission of The National Archives
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  1. I would be interested in any documents relating to the above incident. My mother, who recently died’ told me about being in the house at 34 Maybank Road, South Woodford when this took place. Luckily, while the house was quite damaged, she and her father and sisters were unhurt.

  2. A piece of V2 shrapnel came through the front window on the 23rd January 1945, that had landed near Fords Car factory Dagenham. My Dad had it engraved with our names on it .Mr & Mrs Carter Donald, Allan and Rob at 117, Second Ave , Dagenham Essex. I now have it at home in a glass cabinet.

  3. At 08.37 a.m 23rd. Jan.1945 my brother and I were getting ready for school, we were in the kitchen of our council house in Crutchley Rd., I was aged 6, my brother Gordon was 11 yrs. old.I remember it being extremely cold with the occasional wintry shower,my older sister Eileen had gone to work at Sainsburys in Catford and our mother was making her way to the 124 bus stop in Verdant Lane, a few minutes walk from our house. At precisely 08.37, Hitlers “vengeance” rocket, the V2 slammed into the cemetery in Verdant Lane, just over the back from where we lived. There was no warning, unlike its predecessor the Doodlebug (V1) which made a horrible rattling sound. The 13 ton V2 travelled faster than the speed of sound and impacted at over 3,000 miles per hour, you couldn’t hear it coming, the only noise being after the blast. I can recall the walls seemed to contract and expand also a sensation that seemed to take your breath, our back door suddenly blew in just missing my brother. I was sitting under a shelf containing pots and pans and a heavy old clock, the shelf snapped in the middle but the contents luckily did not fall on me. After the initial shock we looked out the back,there was another row of houses between us and the cemetery,over these in the distance we could see a huge pall of smoke mushrooming at the top, also there were lots of clods of clay splattered everywhere. There are some gaps in my memory, some of which were filled in by my older siblings and mother.The next thing I recall was that we were in Verdant Lane looking for our mother, my sister had been given a lift home by her boss. Our mother had been waiting for a bus when the rocket struck, the blast had apparently knocked her off her feet and thrown her into the road, she was bruised and dazed with a few minor cuts and bruises, other than that, unhurt. I remember the scene, the road was strewn with debris, big clumps of soil, glass and debris and as we made our way back home we were stepping over what we believed were human remains.My impression was that everything seemed to have fallen silent and there seemed to be a foggy type haze, I’m not sure if this was from the blast or the weather conditions at the time.It seems that our house had received only minor damage, some broken windows and a good splattering of clumps of clay. This monster was fired from Batt 1./485 loosduinen (site 19) The Hague,it then travelled faster than the speed of sound before smashing into the cemetery, a V2 creates a crater approx 66Ft. wide & 26 Ft. deep throwing up approx 3,000 tons of material into the air, 0 deaths were recorded and only 7 people were injured.A lucky escape for everyone in the area,it would have been so different if it had exploded on hard ground. .

  4. Incident 534 — 14 January 1945 — Barking

    From my Late Dad’s memoir .. Paddy Bremner.. We were playing billiards in the front room of our flat 20A London Rd Barking when a V2 rocket dropped over our block. There was no warning. The noise dust and the pain seemed to go on forever. The lights went and we were in total darkness and it felt as if somebody kept hitting me on the head with a hammer. I put my hand to my face and could feel sticky blood everywhere. The lights came back on and my face was a mask of blood. I was completely dazed and disorientated. The heavy rescue men came and rendered first aid and insisted I be taken to hospital. I was carried in the arms of a large man who placed me in the ambulance. A large crowd had formed and cheered as we went past. I was lucky and only required being bandaged to the nines and receiving a tetanus. For the rest of my life I would jump at the slightest thing. My nerves were shot to pieces. Paddy Bremner 1932 – 1990

  5. When the V2 hit West Hampstead on 8/1/45 my mother and I and our landlady were in 114 Iverson Road. My mother and I got out badly injured but our landlady Mrs Thomas died later in hospital. I could not see her in the list of those killed by V2s

    • Many thanks for pointing out this omission which we are pleased to confirm we have now included with the following details:-

      Incident No: 489 – 10/01/1945 – ETHEL MAUD THOMAS age 51 OF 114 IVERSON ROAD.

    • My mother was pregnant with me and she was also waiting for a 124 bus to get to work, like your mother my mum was knocked down and was given a lift by the coalman on his horse drawn cart to lewisham hospital. As you can see she was ok i was born in the following august. We lived in the prefabs, i think we lived over the butchers shop in boundfield road.

  6. I am just typing up my late Mothers memories (Lilian Spark) and these are from the V2 which landed opposite her house 26A Woodland Street, Hackney Ref 445 L781036 at 16:13. My mother was a telephonist at Whitehall Exchange in London during the war.

    On 4th January 1945 I left home for work not knowing that it would be the last time I would do so from that house. The house where I was born.
    At around 16:15 I was told to go on a certain circuit on the switchboard, there was a private call for me. This wasn’t allowed really but we often got away with it. I plugged in my head set and my friend Doris’s younger brother Fred was on the line asking me what number house I lived in at Woodland Street. This was enough for me to realise something was wrong. I told him number 26A and he said it had gone and my house was all rubble. The VE 2 had landed opposite my house.
    I knew my Mother was in as I had recently phoned her to ask her to come to the pictures with me that night but she had refused. She told me she had been shopping earlier in the local corner shop and asked if she could leave the loaf of bread she had bought on top of the fridge in the shop and pick it up on the way home, but she had forgotten to pick it up and I had told her not to worry about it and we would make do with what we had got and said goodbye, so I knew she was in the house.
    I was in a terrible state by this news from Fred my friend’s brother. There had not been any air raid warning. They just came over and exploded on impact when the engine cut out.
    After a time when the supervisors thought I was alright to travel they sent me home accompanied by a senior girl. We caught a taxi and he took us as fast as he could to the top of my road which had been roped off at both ends and wouldn’t take any fare. I dashed under the rope and ran to where my house had been, chased by air raid wardens because they said the gas mains had been broken and it was dangerous. All I could think of was my Mum and my dog Paddy were in that rubble. The warden guided me to the other end of the road where a load of people were standing and there was my Mum being cuddled by a warden. I couldn’t believe she would be alive after seeing what was left of my house. We both rushed at one another and the warden cuddled us both together. I had thought I wasn’t going to see my Mum again.
    Apparently, Mum had waited until 16:00 as she realised the shop would be open to let their two children in from school which was opposite the shop so Mum went to collect her loaf of bread. Thursday was early closing day so the shop had shut at 13:30 that’s why Mum had just got round the corner to the shop when the V2 came down. She said she felt the pavement shake and a great blast of wind rush past her with lots of dust. The bomb had fallen on the library opposite our house killing many children and people in the library and walking down the road. Poor Mum said she couldn’t understand why the man lying on the pavement didn’t get up as she passed him, she thought he was doing as we were advised if we couldn’t get to a shelter in time which was to lie face down with arms resting on your chest. The poor man had died from the blast of the rocket landing.
    Paddy my dog hadn’t been found and I was very upset about this. My uncle and my brothers were looking for her in the rubble in the evening and about 20:00 they heard a whimper and found Paddy under the boards from the cupboard under the stairs which had fallen over her and protected her. She must have been lying there waiting for my Mum to come back. They say bread is the stuff of life an it was for my Mum and Paddy.
    Neighbours next door and all along the road had died. If it hadn’t been early closing day my Mother would have collected her bread on the way home from the shops and she wouldn’t have gone out again.
    Unfortunately, the children had just come out of the local church school at 16:00 and lots were killed.
    By this time snow was falling and all our photos and books and clothes were all soaked. I had just had a suit made for me, a jacket and two skirts it was a serge material an I had two skirts because this material got shiny with use but my wardrobe that I kept my clothes in had a glass inside the door which shattered and ripped all my clothes to bits. So much for having two skirts to last longer. It was a great shock to know all our possessions had gone and all our close neighbours had lost their lives. Two old ladies who lived next door to us were killed and one was found sitting in a chair holding our cat Jimmy. Both killed by the blast the air raid warden told me, but Paddy was only next door and was lucky thank goodness.

  7. RE: V2 Rocket attack on Tewkesbury Road Tottenham N15 Jan 1945

    Dear Sir
    I remember the V2 attack on Tewkesbury Road as I lived in number 80, I also know your contributor Jim Hepting and have similar memories except that I was not evacuated when the rocket fell. It was a very cold January evening and my Mother suggested I look in on my Nan with my friend Doreen Morfett, who lived in Seven Sisters Road , we were going up the hill , which was the usual way to our School and Nans house when we saw a flash which we thought was from the electric trolley buses common in those days and often ‘sparked’ from their overhead cables. We had just arrived at Nan’s door when the walls shook so we rushed upstairs and found Nan on the floor, she had been thrown from her chair by the blast, I remember going home to tell Mum and staying close to the houses, we had been told to be aware of Chimney stacks falling from the roofs. Nan never recovered from a Coma and died on the 20th January
    Arriving home there was chaos with windows blasted out and people running up the street I could hear Mum say ‘Where’s Ronnie’, my brother who was nearly 14 and old enough to be out in the dark, I was 9. A woman with a baby in her arms bleeding stopped at our house and I remember Mum tearing a sheet to wrap the baby’s head, which was quite a generous thing to do as everything was rationed Mum was like that. Ron was Ok luckily and still here today at 89.The WVS service was marvellous and the fish shop ‘Ada’s’ had the notice on the window ‘frying tonight’ we chuckled at that.
    My best friend Shirley Marsh and her whole family lost their lives in that attack and it still upsets me when I think of her
    I went to Stamford Hill infants and junior school and remember the barrage balloon in the boys playground. Saddened to know the school closed in 2020 after educating all my family including my Mother and my two brothers and giving me a lot of pleasure and good friends- where are they now?
    We have another War now a .covid war let us hope we all survive this one
    Mrs Irene Hussey

    • I was eleven years old on that evening when the V2 landed on Tewksbury Road at 7.52 Saturday 20th January 1945 I and my family were more than likely waiting to listen to Saturday night theatre then Appointment with fear on the wireless. We were living in Henry Road a culdesac off of St Anns Road. At the end of my road ran a high railway bank and St Anns Railway station, which separated us from I believe Morton Road and Tewksbury Road. We, my grandparents, mother myself and my six-month-old baby sister were in my grandparent’s room at the front of the house-sharing the warmth from the only fire we could afford and sharing our ration of coal. I do not seem to be able to recall an explosion, the thing I recall is the heavy blackout curtains billowing out. the room filling with smoke when soot and cinders flew from the grate setting the carpet on fire. So we lost all our windows and front door which we never did find. if it had not been for the embankment we would have suffered the blast a great deal more. battens to It seemed only minutes before men turned up with tarred paper and battens to bar up the gaping holes where our windows should have been and place us another temporary front door. When we went to our bedroom upstairs glass shards were buried in the door and walls like daggers, anyone in the at the time would have been cut to pieces. all the damaged materials were placed in the middle of the roasd and set alight the next day iand a few others who were not evacuated had a great time roasting potatoes. after this incident, all the damaged and empty houses became our playground. I believe my cousins the Keasleys were killed in this incident

  8. Incident 568 Carlton Road, Barnet V2 attack 20th January 1945

    It was my cousin Dereck’s 7th or 8th Birthday and we My father Reginald Kilbey, my mother Gladys and myself were invited for lunch. Due to my fathers work (a musician) he had a last minute session and at my mothers insistence cancelled the lunch invitation. I understand the V2 exploded about 1.30pm killing a number of people including my Grand father Henry Kilbey, his daughter Else Glover and my cousin Martin Glover. We three were lucky to be safe in Edgeware.

  9. V2 Rocket Barkingside Ilford.

    On Friday 26th January 1945, a V2 rocket landed immediately outside our back garden fence. I’m told that the windows fell in, covering me in my pram, but I slept blissfully throughout. This was in Fencepiece Road. Both my parents were at work, and I was in the care of a friend. I was never told of any casualties, or any damage other than the windows. In later childhood, after we had moved house, we often visited the lady who still lived in the house, and I remember the crater in the field at the end of the garden, but no obvious damage anywhere else. We seem to have been very lucky. Though the rocket landed in the field, it was only yards from the house. Is there somewhere I can find any further information re this incident?

  10. 20-1-45 Calton Road , East Barnett . No 11 ( Gregory Family Home ) destroyed
    Leslie H Gregory ( 1898-1945 ) kllled in road ( lungs collapsed by blast )
    Marjorie E Gregory ( 1900-1985 ) and Joan B Gregory , later Pamm ( 1923-1994) only survived because they were dropped into the cellar as the house collapsed on top of them

  11. Dear Irene
    Just been going over reminisces of Tottenham and noticed you saying the Keasleys your cousins they were also my cousins , I was at school with Duglas

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