4a Panmure Road



Ethel Mary COX


Selina GARLAND, Lawrence George GARLAND.

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  1. My parents were on leave from RAF Sleaford, visiting my paternal grandparents who lived at 4a Panmure Road. They were caught in the blast of the V2 that landed on 14th Feb 1945.
    My father (Lawrence George Garland) was burned and seriously injured by the chimney falling onto him; he died approximately 10 days later. My mother Edith survived because a dresser fell onto her and protected her from the falling debris. She was about 5 months pregnant with me and I was born prematurely in June 1945.
    My paternal grandfather (George Brooks Garland) also survived but his wife Selina died sometime later of her injuries. The house was demolished but was rebuilt fairly quickly after the war finished. Because my mother was homeless after the war, I lived at 4a Panmure Rd with her and my paternal grandfather until I was 14 (in 1959). When I lived there you could see a kink in the roof where the rebuilt houses No’s: 6 and 4a were joined to No: 4 which was not demolished.

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