Incident in Ilford


Subject: Early V2 attack

My father who would have been about 17 was knocked unconscious after a V2 exploded somewhere in Ilford. He was taken to hospital with a suspected injury to his thumb which turned out to have been dislocated playing in goal for West Ham !

Terry Horner

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  1. Grew up in Ilford during WW11 and many memories of houses around us being bombed and especially remember walking with my Nan past a piece of waste ground at the top of our street and looking at an unexploded bomb sticking out of the ground. We were going to visit relatives and they would not let us return home past that, we had to take a long way around. Remember also being in school and having to go to the bomb shelters as soon as the siren went off. Many many memories !

  2. My dad will often recount stories of playing in the streets during WW2. Almost to the day, 76 years ago, he and his older brother were playing in Goodmayes Park and a V2 rocket came down close to them. There was no warning with V2s, ‘The V1s you could hear coming but the V2s just appeared from nowhere.’

    Had it come down a minute or two earlier, they would have been obliterated.

    They ran home to their mum to tell her and she just gave them a scalding for being late for their tea.

    Years later we’d go boating in the pond formed from the crater and would often be reminded that we had Mr Hitler to thank for the opportunity.

  3. please advise the exact location of this incident

  4. My dad James Edmunds was killed in this attack. He was walking home through Goodmayes Park and died near the impact Point having survived service in the London Rifles in Flanders. His name appears on the war casualties at Barkinside. My brothers and I were evacuated to Lancashire at the time.

  5. A gap in the terraces in Hazeldene Road Goodmayes was a bombsite until the site was developed with new houses in the 1950s. Does anyone recall the date of this event.

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