Jan 132023

Due to serious ill health it is with much regret that we must inform you that there will be no further updates to our site.

We have removed our contact forms but the comment forms will still be active.

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Sep 082012

We believe that as the number of people who lived through the terrifying V2 Rocket campaign this site is concerned with diminishes relentlessly then it necessarily follows that the pool of knowledge of these events also diminishes.

Although you may be reluctant to revisit events you have probably spent the best part of your life trying to forget,  it is our hope that you will enable us to transform this site into more than just a bland list of official reports by sharing your stories.

The easiest method is to complete one of the comment forms available on most pages. Your e-mail address will definitely NOT be available to anyone other than the administrator of the site.

Please note

All of the information we have on ALL of the V2 incidents is included on our site.

We cannot and do not offer any research services.

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Flying bombs 1944

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Jul 052021

We are grateful to our latest contributor Abraham Wilson. Who has shared some of his memories from 1944 here.

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New Contribution

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May 252021

We are pleased to have received a new contribution from Steve Rogers containing some of his father’s memories of his near miss at Bawns factory in Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow on 19 February 1945.

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Oct 122020

You may be interested to know that a memorial plaque is to be unveiled on 5 November 2020 to commemorate the victims and injured of the first V2 rocket to explode in Islington, north London.

Due to distancing and Covid restrictions the ceremony will be online and feature film of the unveiling a few hours earlier. Places to view the unveiling and presentation can be booked at
Eventbrite (search for V2 Rocket or copy and paste link):

An accompanying blog article \’Hitler\’s Guy Fawkes Day Surprise\’ is also available at:

Many thanks and kind regards,

Mark Aston
Islington Museum

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