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We believe that as the number of people who lived through the terrifying V2 Rocket campaign this site is concerned with diminishes relentlessly then it necessarily follows that the pool of knowledge of these events also diminishes.

Although you may be reluctant to revisit events you have probably spent the best part of your life trying to forget,  it is our hope that you will enable us to transform this site into more than just a bland list of official reports by sharing your stories.

The easiest method is to complete one of the comment forms available on most pages. Your e-mail address will definitely NOT be available to anyone other than the administrator of the site.

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  1. I attended Brook Street School, Northumberland Heath Erith Kent from 1936 to 1945. I have lived in Canada since 1957.

    Are the names of the victims of the V2 that landed in the neighborhood of Belmont Road in February 1945 available? One of my 13yr old classmates, Doreen Mason, was killed by the blast from a V2 as she walked home across the playground behind the school at lunchtime with her close friend Jessie.
    The story later told amongst the girls in my class was that Jessie “thought she heard something and threw herself flat on the ground but Doreen was not fast enough”.
    It was a most traumatic day and I do not revisit it very often. I would appreciate any information you can give me.
    Thank you

    • The Civilian War Dead Register has the following details for Doreen Mason:


  2. I was living in Groveway Dagenham from 1940 – 45 along with my family which included my grandad, an uncle, an aunt and her year old baby. We were bombed out by a German V2 Rocket which landed at the end of our back garden. Ours and adjacent houses were reduced to rubble, this happened late Feb 45 around about the 28th, I was 9 years old. The whole family were dug out from the resulting debris. I remember the rescue spotlights shining through broken rafters and a rescue team member’s arm reaching down grabbing my arm and pulling me free. I couldn’t hear any of this going on as I must have been temporarily deafened by shock or the blast. We were taken to Chadwell Health hospital my mother, father and myself in the same ambulance. Two days after when I was still in hospital I learned that my mother died as a result of that bomb blast. My mum Sarah was 42. I was told that the next door neighbour, Mrs Stevens, also died, she was roughly the same age as my mum. Mrs Stevens is mentioned in the Dagenham book of remembrance, but there is no mention of my mother. The rest of my family were saved but sustained minor injuries. My 12 month old cousin was perfectly alright even though she had been sleeping on the ground floor with my aunt, her mother and my 19 year old sister Violet. One comment on a separate report made by my old school mate and neighbour Jimmy Pignott showed my name spelt incorrectly, the correct spelling is Alan.

  3. V2 21st March 1945 Great West Road. This is fact on the day at 0936 a direct hit on Packards killed my Grandfather Edward Fassl and his son then 18 years old Kurt Fassl with others
    My Mother only at the age of 90 wS able to speak of her loss that was some three years ago.
    Since that discussion and with information found on sites like this I have been able to understand the loss and pain she suffered Thanks to all who research and publish

  4. My dad Kenneth James Huish (DOB 14/5/1943) amazing survived the V2 rocket strike on Upperton Road at 03.10 March 6th 1945. He was 22 months old and was found amongst the rubble beneath an upturned metal framed cot!
    His mother Elsie May Huish (23) and baby sister Betty Huish (8 months) were sadly killed when the V2 destroyed 110 Upperton Road (incident 933).
    His father was LDG STO Kenneth James Huish Royal Navy.
    We know nothing of who found my dad amongst the rubble, how he was found, how long he had been under there. I would love to know more but not sure if that information is even available. My dad has never been told anything about how he was found. It’s a truly amazing story in such tragic circumstances.

  5. I lived with my grandparents at 48 Stapley Rd. Belvedere during the war years but my own (parents) home was at 42 Bedonwell Rd. Bexleyheath.. I was just 6 years old when the ‘doodlebug’ fell on Bedonwell Rd but well remember that sad day, The Mason family lived across the road from my grandparents and her worried mum was out on the street in tears asking if anyone had seen her Doreen. Several houses on Bedonwell Rd across from the old ‘San’ were demolished and many were killed… I emigrated to Canada in March 1957 at just 19 years of age after having experienced the Lewisham train disaster that took place in dense fog on December 4th, 1957…

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