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We have now included a filterable list of all the recorded V2 incidents here.

You can quickly filter the list by adding either a place name or perhaps a date (format dd-mm-yyyy) to obtain a list of incidents matching your criteria.

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  1. My mother’s house was partially destroyed by a V2.

    She was living at 161 Wren Road, Dagenham, but unfortunately, she is not sure of either the time or date other than ‘near the end of the war’ at around 5-6 in the morning.

    The V2 landed in the green opposite the house to the north (the modern road actually cuts through the green). It set fire to the gas main producing a large fire.

    The north side of the house was sheared off (as she puts it, ‘they never did find my bed’). No one in our family was injured but a small girl looking out the window of a house on the other side of the street was killed.

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