May 172015

We have (we hope) managed to extract most of the names from the Civilian War Dead Register of civilians killed in all of the V2 Strikes we have recorded on this site here.

Of course we accept that we may have made some errors and omissions for which we apologize in advance and we would be most grateful for any amendments and comments.


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  4 Responses to “Civilians Killed By V2 Rockets”

  1. Fantastic site, can you give me any more info on Incident 250 on 24 Nov 1944 which killed Wm J Restarick of 65 Ranwell Close, London

  2. can you give me any information about the v2 that hit cheshunt please

  3. Incident 351 V2 in Southwark, Lawson Street 14/12/1944.
    My mother’s family lost a daughter, Mary Adelaide Powell, in this attack. The
    family lived in St David Street and Mary apparently was on her way home from school with a friend.
    She was 13 and Mum says had just begun to play piano like the rest of the family. They stopped for
    her friend to go into a tobacconist shop to buy something whilst Mary waited outside I’m told. She
    was injured in the V2 attack and taken to Guy’s Hospital where she died the next day 15th Decemver,
    1944 from her injuries. My mother had the unenviable task of identifying her body as none of the
    rest of the family could face it. This was to leave a psychological scar on her for the rest of her
    life, sadly.

    Can you give any further info on this attack please.

  4. The V2 that “airburst” over Glengarry Road at 22.55 on the 4th January 1944 fatally injured my Uncle, Reginald John Wallace . He was asleep in an attic bedroom of 311 Lordship Lane when a section of the rocket penetrated the roof. He died the next day in Dulwich Hospital.

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