February 1945

Key To Quoted Map References

Key To Quoted Map References

In this table the data contained in columns marked – No, Date, Time, Place, Map Reference and Crater  -is our transcription of the data in AIR 20/4126 at The National Archives.

The data in – Place Other, Killed and Injured – we have collected from various publications, lists and information from contributors.

Where a “§” appears in the LT column you can find further details on the V2 Rocket website including Launch Time, where fired from and launching Unit.

For date column of the 1,119 incidents logged in AIR 20/4126 –  366 of the incidents have been hand annotated with the letter “N”, 250 with the letter “K”, 66 with “?”, 19 with “Kew Failed”, 26 with “Dud Lighting”  and 392 with no annotation at all. Therefore in this column we have added the corresponding letter, question mark or left blank – for “Kew Failed we have put “KF” and “DL” for “Dud lighting”. If anybody has any idea what these annotations represent we would be very grateful if they could share that information with us. Likewise if anybody knows what “Off Map” reresents we would be grateful for an explanation.


NoDateL TTimePlacePlace otherMap ReferenceCraterKilledInjured
244IncidentsFebruary 1945 Totals4794540
643N 01-02-45§01:34North WealdNorth Weald, EssexL 932 22132' x 10'
644N 01-02-45§02:08LatchingdonAlthorne / Latchingdon.Off Map M 326 17346' x 13'
645N 01-02-45§03:04West HamWest HamL 834 02940' diameter29118
646K 01-02-45§04:03RuislipHarrow / Ruislip (airburst)L 5706 (approx)Airburst
647N 01-02-45§05:19ChiddingstoneChiddingstoneQ 944 66266' x 17'
648N 01-02-45§06:12WalthamstowWalthamstow.L 835 088In Water
649N 01-02-45§07:31WalkernWalkern, Hertfordshire.L 756 43825' diameter
650N 01-02-45§07:47ChingfordChingfordL 835 12933' diameter325
651N 01-02-45§10:10ChingfordChingfordL 814 13141' x 11'
652K 01-02-45§14:00HackneyHackney (airburst).L 7805Airburst2
653N 01-02-45§14:06ChingfordChingfordL 814 11220' x 6'279
654N 02-02-45§06:13Woodham MortimerWoodham Mortimer, EssexOff Map M 257 23318' x 3'
655N 02-02-45§08:08SouthminsterSouthminster, EssexOff Map M 393 17539' x 10'1
656N 02-02-45§08:22DeptfordFinland Road, BrockleyQ 804 94633' x 11'3452
657N 02-02-45§10:13ErithIn Thames at ErithQ 938 997In River1
65802-02-45§10:41East HamEast HamL 868 02239' diameter12119
659N 02-02-45§12:43East HamEast HamL 861 049Direct Hit170
660N 02-02-45§12:55WalthamstowWalthamstowL 823 09328' x 8'86
661K 03-02-45§11:25Waltham Holy CrossEpping Forest / Waltham Holy CrossL 852 16225' x 8'
662K 03-02-45§13:16BarkingBarkingL 891 01351' diameter1
663N 03-02-45§15:15IlfordIlfordL 914 05947' diameter151
664K 04-02-45§14:49Woodham FerrersNr Danbury / Woodham Ferrers (airburst).Off Map M 235 21213' x 4'
665K 04-02-45§15:05IlfordIlfordL 875 05438' diameter23
666K 04-02-45§15:07IlfordDagenham / Ilford (Airburst)L 8805Airburst
667K 04-02-45§17:26West HamWest Ham (Airburst)L 8502Airburst
668? 04-02-45§17:31IlfordIlfordL 902 07333' diameter5
669K 04-02-45§17:38North WealdTheydon Garnon / North Weald.L 935 21429' x 9'
670N 04-02-45§18:13DoddinghurstDoddinghurst, EssexM 043 164Burst on impact with trees12
671K 04-02-45§18:51HackneyHackneyL 807 04357' diameter1198
672N 04-02-45§22:21WansteadWanstead & Woodford.L 849 11028' diameter2
673N 04-02-45§23:51HornchurchHornchurchL 994 07248' x 12'8
674N 04-02-45§23:57RettendenRettenden, EssexOff Map M 204 17546' x 12'
675N 05-02-45§02:00ChingfordChingfordL 829 12711' diameter445
676N 05-02-45§02:39HackneyHackneyL 792 031Direct Hit122
677N 05-02-45§05:35Epping UplandEpping Upland.L 910 23039' x 13'
678N 05-02-45§08:14WillingaleWillingale, EssexM 067 25834' x 9'
679? 05-02-45§09:42Watton-at-StoneWatton At Stone, Hertfordshire.L 742 37430' X 15'
680DL 05-02-45§21:09Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 846 19743' x 12'3
681DL 06-02-45§04:58PagleshamPaglesham, Essex. (airburst).Off Map M 3611 (approx)Airburst
682DL 06-02-45§06:38EssendonEssendon, Hertfordshire.L 716 27124' x 10'
683DL 06-02-45§07:34TottenhamTottenham / Edmonton (airburst).L 7909Airburst1
684DL 06-02-45§09:48OrpingtonCemetery Star Lane, St Marys CrayQ 923 87140' x 9'
685DL 06-02-45§09:51Ramsden HeathRamsden Heath, Essex.M 159 13830' x 10'3
686N 06-02-45§12:57BradwellBradwell, Essex.Off Map M 476 25736' x 7'
687N 06-02-45§18:05EynesfordNursey greenhouses Eynsford-Crockenhill borderQ 945 85829' x 9'27
688N 06-02-45§19:16East HamWanstead Flats / East HamL 861 05040' x 6'7
689N 06-02-45§21:46WoolwichSt Nicholas churchyard, PlumsteadQ 903 97442' x 7'44
690? 07-02-45§11:53IlfordIlfordL 905 10748' x 13'16
691N 07-02-45§12:10BarkingBarkingL 909 02371' diameter11
692N 07-02-45§15:59Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy Cross.L 828 18749' x 13'3
693N 08-02-45§00:32GippingBacton, Norfolk / Gipping, Suffolk (Airburst)Off Map M 5182Airburst
694K 08-02-45§01:08WalthamstowWalthamstowL 819 10660' diameter1643
695N 08-02-45§02:18North-West of CromerSheringham, Norfolk / Sea NW of Cromer, Norfolk.Off Map G 5767In Sea
696N 08-02-45§03:03ChislehurstScadbury Park, ChislehurstQ 897 89023' x 4'
697N 08-02-45§09:18FobbingFobbing, Essex.M 154 03443' x 14'
698N 08-02-45§10:57Bethnal GreenBethnal GreenL 794 02342' x 8'1106
699N 08-02-45§12:06ErithLangdale Crescent, ErithQ 937 95838' x 7'182
700N 08-02-45§12:36IlfordIlfordL 881 05550' x 6'12106
701N 08-02-45§15:43RettendenRettendon, Essex.M 212 16643' x 14'
702N 08-02-45§17:44ChislehurstBerwick Crescent, SidcupQ 899 92927' diameter7110
703N 08-02-45§17:51GreenwichTroughton Road, CharltonQ 851 973Filled with debris1446
704N 08-02-45§20:12Cock ClarksCock Clarks, Essex.Off Map M 257 21631' x 8'
705N 08-02-45§22:38DagenhamDagenham, Essex.L 920 05160' x 7'270
706N 09-02-45§05:42NavestockNavestock, EssexL 975 14742' x 11'
707N 09-02-45§07:27Stow MariesStow Maries, Essex.Off Map M 289 18032' x 9'
708N 09-02-45§14:09PoplarPoplar.L 826 010Direct Hit42
709N 09-02-45§16:08St. PancrasSt Pancras.L 746 015Direct Hit34121
710N 09-02-45§17:25BromleyGrandfield's Nursery Gardens, West Common Road, Hayes near BromleyQ 846 85036' diameter470
711N 09-02-45§19:03South of ClactonSea near ClactonOff Map M 7010In Sea
712N 09-02-45§21:34ChislehurstWalden Avenue, ChislehurstQ 872 90544' x 13'268
713N 10-02-45§00:33BasildonBasildonM 172 08642' x 12'
714N 10-02-45§04:59BexleyAirburst over WellingQ 890 947Airburst
715N 10-02-45§06:34WrittleRadley Green, Essex / Writtle, EssexM 069 24242' x 14'1
716N 10-02-45§08:28LeytonLeytonL 839 06631' x 7'655
717N 10-02-45§09:47East of BradwellSea near BradwellOff Map M 4925In Sea
718N 10-02-45§10:58East HamWoolwich / East Ham. Bascule Bridge at King George V Dock partially demolished.Q 881 992354
719N 10-02-45§11:27WickfordRawreth, EssexM 209 10833' x 10'
720N 10-02-45§12:47PurleighPurleigh, EssexOff Map M 257 20550' x 14'
721N 10-02-45§15:03South-East of ClactonSea near ClactonOff Map M 6533In Sea
722N 10-02-45§15:29IngatestoneMargaretting, Essex / Ingatestone, EssexOff Map M 109 18238' x 12'
723N 10-02-45§16:01PurfleetPurfleet, EssexQ 995 98244' x 8'
724N 10-02-45§19:15OxtedAirburst over Merle Common, OxtedQ 835 705Airburst
725N 10-02-45§20:01WrittleWidford, Hertfordshire / Writtle, EssexM 124 23440' x 14'
726N 11-02-45§01:03RomfordRomfordL 937 09446' diameter
727K 11-02-45§01:50ChertseyChertsey Mead, SurreyQ 505 85260' diameter
728K 11-02-45§04:40Stoke CommonStoke Common, BuckinghamshireL 428 04241' x 15'3
729N 11-02-45§12:32West HamStratford / West Ham (Airburst)L 831 018Airburst6
730N 11-02-45§13:31Bromleyoff Sundridge Avenue, BromleyQ 859 89131' x 10'
731N 11-02-45§14:52WalthamstowWalthamstow, on marshland.L 798 06155' diameter1
732N 11-02-45§16:07DagenhamRomford / DagenhamL 926 06310
733N 11-02-45§18:17East HamEast HamL 870 02159' x 15'
734K 11-02-45§22:00LewishamMarnock Road, BrockleyQ 809 93616' diameter1469
735K 12-02-45§05:15LeatherheadLeatherhead, Surrey.Q 637 76737' x 11'2
736N 12-02-45§07:16South of ClactonSea off ClactonOff Map M 6725In Sea
737N 12-02-45§07:22Beauchamp RodingBeauchamp Roding, Essex (Airburst)M 0228Airburst
738? 12-02-45§10:23BayfordburyBayford, Hertfordshire.L 765 29324' x 9'
739? 12-02-45§13:46MountnessingMountnessing, EssexM 088 16742' diameter
740N 12-02-45§16:04Great WarleyGreat Warley, Essex.M 032 08856' x 15'5
741N 12-02-45§18:45Great TothamGreat Totham, EssexOff Map M 303 31646' x 14'
742N 12-02-45§18:46DengieDengie, EssexOff Map M 433 21238' x 9'9
743N 12-02-45§20:28WalthamstowWalthamstowL 811 09845' diameter10108
744N 12-02-45§23:05HackneyHackneyL 807 04247' x 11'27
745N 13-02-45§02:24Off OrfordnessSea, near Orfordness, Suffolk.Off Map N 07In Sea
746N 13-02-45§03:42West HalsteadWest Halstead, EssexOff Map M 253 49135' x 9'
747? 13-02-45§06:17CheshuntCheshunt, HertfordshireL 769 20138' x 10'
748N 13-02-45§15:49High LaverHigh Laver, EssexL 969 27939' x 9'1
749N 13-02-45§15:53Thames HavenThameshaven, in River Thames.M 185 000In River2
750N 13-02-45§16:15Braxted ParkBraxted Park, EssexOff Map M 302 35230' x 9' Air Breakup
751N 13-02-45§16:34ErithBelmont Road, ErithQ 934 96026' x 3'562
752N 13-02-45§16:39DepdenDepden, Suffolk.Off Map M 233 74152' x 15'
753N 13-02-45§16:44Wood GreenWood GreenL 756 092Direct Hit15120
754N 13-02-45§18:46Harold WoodHarold WoodL 999 10225' diameter1279
755? 13-02-45§18:52West HamWest HamL 831 040Direct Hit28119
756N 13-02-45§19:15BexleyBrampton Road, BexleyQ 921 96027' x 5'398
757N 13-02-45§22:58IlfordIlford (airburst).L 9206Airburst
758N 13-02-45§23:47Horndon-on-the- HillHorndon-on-the-Hill, EssexM 106 04444' x 10'
759N 14-02-45§00:33PlattPlatt, Kent - in orchardR 061 74638' x 14' Air Breakup
760N 14-02-45§02:21FarninghamFarningham, Kent - in fieldQ 983 85631' x 9'
761N 14-02-45§03:02CranhamCranhamM 031 05741' x 14'1
762N 14-02-45§05:03RawrethRawreth, EssexOff Map M 245 13546' x 11'
763N 14-02-45§05:36Canvey IslandCanvey Island (in river).Off Map M 2300In River
764N 14-02-45§09:55CamberwellWaite Street, CamberwellQ 781 97038' x 5'1878
765N 14-02-45§14:42ChislehurstKemnel Road, ChislehurstQ 890 90147' x 12'
766N 14-02-45§14:55Havering-atte-BowerHavering atte BowerL 965 12836' x 15'2
767K 14-02-45§17:00RomfordHavering / RomfordL 964 11546' x 20'
768K 14-02-45§17:12St. MaryleboneFinsbury (airburst)L 7102Airburst
769K 14-02-45§17:12MountnessingMountnessing, EssexM 075 16525
770K 14-02-45§20:23South GreenSouth GreenM 135 11448' x 15'133
771K 14-02-45§21:58HammersmithHammersmith.Q 666 993Direct Hit29115
772K 14-02-45§22:31HackneyHackney.L 788 04238' x 9'1117
773? 14-02-45§23:57MundonLatchindon / MundonOff Map M 304 21246' x 15'
774K 15-02-45§00:55ErithAvenue Road, Erith - in playing fieldsQ 949 96135' x 10'83
775N 15-02-45§07:04CrayfordThames Road, Crayford open ground by railwayQ 962 95028' x 8'18
776K 15-02-45§09:30IverIver Heath, Buckinghamshire.L 463 03235' x 19'17
777K 15-02-45§11:22ShorehamShoreham, Kent - Mid-air break-upQ 941 82835' x 8' Air Breakup
778N 15-02-45§11:36CorringhamCorringham Marshes, EssexM 176 02035' x 16'
779N 15-02-45§14:47Off FoulnessSea, near Foulness.Off Map M 4907In Sea
780N 16-02-45§16:10ShenfieldShenfield, EssexM 050 15531' diameter2
781N 16-02-45§21:24South HanningfieldWest Hanningfield, EssexM 188 17050' x 15'
782N 16-02-45§21:35West HanningfieldWest Hanningfield, Essex. (Airburst)M 183 19116' diameter
783N 16-02-45§21:54WoolwichAvery Hill Road, Eltham - on open groundQ 888 92840' x 12'
784N 16-02-45§23:44LeytonLeytonL 832 045Filled with debris2547
785N 17-02-45§00:41SteepleSteeple, In river.Off Map M 3724In River
786N 17-02-45§00:50Thorpe-le-SokenUpper Kirby/Thorpe-le-Soken, EssexOff Map M 652 39365' x 20'4
787N 17-02-45§00:54DuntonDunton, EssexM 095 07050' x 15'
788N 17-02-45§03:32AylesfordAylesford - in nursery gardensR 180 76144' x 14'
789N 17-02-45§03:42CanewdonAlthorne / Canewdon, EssexOff Map M 384 12856' diameter
790K 17-02-45§04:28Garston ParkGarston Park, Hertfordshire.L 565 19828' x 9'
791N 17-02-45§05:24IlfordIlfordL 882 10349' x 12'
792N 17-02-45§05:33PoplarPoplar.L 833 001Direct Hit1
793N 17-02-45§06:22RawrethRawreth, EssexOff Map M 242 14450' x 16'
794N 17-02-45§08:10LynstedLynstead, Kent - in field (school damaged)Off Map R 387 79357' x 18'
795N 17-02-45§08:49ShenfieldBrentwood / ShenfieldM 042 14739' diameter2
796N 17-02-45§11:32Willingale DoeWillingale Doe, EssexM 050 25254' x 16'
797N 17-02-45§14:22StokeHalstow, Kent - in fieldOff Map R 228 95879' x 9'
798K 18-02-45§00:55ChingfordChingfordL 821 12544' x 14'5
799N 18-02-45§01:16CorringhamCorringham, EssexM 178 018Water filled
800K 18-02-45§04:25IlfordIlfordL 888 05945' x 11'445
801N 18-02-45§07:32Woodham FerrersWoodham Ferrers, Essex.Off Map M 250 18937' x 11'13
802N 18-02-45§08:10WickfordWickford (airburst).M 1712Airburst1
803N 18-02-45§08:17Canvey IslandPitsea / Canvey Island, in river.M 2101In River1
804N 18-02-45§09:40AveleyAveley, EssexM 006 00647' x 12'1
805K 18-02-45§10:15DartfordDartford - high airburst - no damageQ 9692Airburst
806N 18-02-45§12:01RochesterRede Court Road, Rochester, KentR 161 88345' x 13'122
807K 18-02-45§12:18BexleyBourne Road, Bexley - open groundQ 946 93428' x 5' Air Breakup28
808K 18-02-45§14:41PoplarPoplar (Low altitude airburst)L 8201Airburst259
809N 18-02-45§15:21CanewdonCanewdon, EssexOff Map M 338 13648' x 16'
81018-02-4518:06Frinton & WaltonSea off ClactonOff Map M 704 42840' diameter
811K 18-02-45§19:44ErithAbbots Walk, BexleyheathQ 925 96520' x 6'6104
812K 18-02-45§19:53WoolwichFelhampton Road, ElthamQ 879 91561' diameter33
813K 19-02-45§00:44IlfordIlford.L 898 05640' diameter345
814N 19-02-45§04:46Off East Anglian CoasrSea, off East Anglian coast.Off Map Not KnownIn Sea
815N 19-02-45§04:56Berners RodingAbbess Roding / Berners Roding, EssexM 048 28942' x 12'
816N 19-02-45§07:20Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 853 15043' diameter
817N 19-02-45§07:27WansteadWanstead / WoodfordL 846 05743' x 6'40
818N 19-02-45§07:43CrayfordSlade Green Road, Crayford - mid-air break-upQ 963 96130' x 4' Air Breakup2
819K 19-02-45§11:07WoolwichBostall Heath, Woolwich - airburst at 1,500ftQ 914 967Airburst
820K 19-02-45§11:44GreenwichVanbrugh Park, BlackheathQ 843 96232' x 6'242
821N 19-02-45§13:5712 mls. S.E. Of ClactonSea off ClactonOff Map M 72In Sea
822K 19-02-45§14:20WalthamstowWalthamstowL 802 09226' diameter18155
823N 19-02-45§22:22StokeStoke, Kent - in ploughed fieldOff Map R 267 93643' x 10'112
824N 19-02-45§22:55LaindonLaindon, Essex.M 139 07032' x 8'
825K 20-02-45§01:16GreenwichBrook Hospital, Shooters HillQ 867 95646' diameter31
826N 20-02-45§04:32PoplarPoplar (Airburst)L 8100Airburst
827N 20-02-45§08:44MundonMundonOff Map M 330 20425' x 10'
828? 20-02-45§09:57StowuplandEarl Stonham / Stowupland (airburst)Off Map M 5379Airburst
829? 20-02-45§11:21UpminsterUpminsterM 008 08453' x 14'1
830? 20-02-45§11:39IlfordRear of Ilford Ltd in the area of Roden Street and Audrey RoadL 879 051Direct Hit771
831N 20-02-45§13:23RainhamRainham (Airburst)L 9601Airburst
832? 20-02-45§13:37Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 839 20248' x 12'5
833N 20-02-45§15:38BlackmoreHighwood / BlackmoreM 064 20329' diameter
834N 20-02-45§17:56WoolwichMoordown, Shooters HillQ 880 95917' x 3'1240
835N 20-02-45§20:35RomfordRomfordL 972 07931' x 10'1226
836K 20-02-45§20:47EdmontonChingford / EdmontonL 811 12853' x 15'
837N 20-02-45§22:55Foulness IslandFoulness IslandOff Map M 455 10839' diameter
838N 20-02-45§23:29BarkingBarkingL 906 03747' x 15'40
839K 21-02-45§09:17ChislehurstBunker's Hill, Sidcup / ChislehurstQ 932 90926' x 6'5
840? 21-02-45§11:22BeckenhamEden Park Avenue, BeckenhamQ 816 86737' x 9'26
841K 21-02-45§12:58IlfordIlfordL 871 06043' x 11'143
842K 21-02-45§16:17South OckendonSouth OckendonM 054 02048' x 12'
843K 21-02-45§22:18IlfordIlfordL 888 06859' diameter821
844N 22-02-45§09:22EppingEppingL 898 21443' x 14'
845K 22-02-45§14:46EynesfordEynsford - in fieldQ 959 85830' x 8'2
846K 22-02-45§17:53HestonHestonQ 561 95634' x 9'25
847N 22-02-45§20:11Off ClactonIn sea off ClactonOff Map M 629 330In Sea
848K 22-02-45§21:02RomfordRomfordL 937 08740' x 12'1
849K 22-02-45§21:49AlthorneAlthorneOff Map M 351 18130' x 12'1
850K 22-02-45§22:48WarleyWarleyM 038 10630' x 5'1
851K 22-02-45§22:51GreenwichStraightsmouth, GreenwichQ 825 96548' x 7'237
852K 23-02-45§00:04WoolwichEast HamQ 885 99360' diameter
853? 23-02-45§01:04Waltham Holy CrossWaltham Holy CrossL 874 21460' x 15'
854N 23-02-45§04:37Theydon BoisChigwell, Essex. / Theydon Bois, Essex. Rocket disintegrated before impact.L 899 16537' diameter
855K 23-02-45§07:46East HamDagenham, Essex. / East Ham (airburst).L 8801Airburst
856K 23-02-45§09:08WalthamstowChigwell, Essex. / Walthamstow (airburst).L 8207Airburst
857N 23-02-45§09:45SevenoaksSevenoaks - Army huts & houses damagedQ 985 75934' x 12'14
858K 23-02-45§11:25CheshuntCheshunt, HertfordshireL 770 20633' x 11'
859N 23-02-45§12:42Off FolkestoneFolkestone - in seaOff Map R 7553In Sea
860N 23-02-45§13:39Epping UplandEpping Upland.L 882 21340' x 12'
861N 23-02-45§14:25BlackmoreBlackmore, EssexM 057 18131' x 9'
862N 23-02-45§16:43PurleighCold Norton / PurleighOff Map M 286 19250' x 14'5
863N 23-02-45§16:59ChelmsfordChelmsford, Essex.M 137 26041' diameter116
864N 24-02-45§07:40DagenhamDagenhamL 934 02252' x 12'243
865N 26-02-45§09:10WoolwichDuncroft, PlumsteadQ 895 96031' x 9'1387
866N 26-02-45§09:11BobbingworthBobbingworth, EssexL 975 23829' x 7' Air Breakup1
867N 26-02-45§09:22Off ClactonSea, near Clacton.Off Map M 7121In Sea
868N 26-02-45§09:36IlfordIlfordL 887 08119' x 6'255
869N 26-02-45§11:27ErithUpper Abbey Road, BelvedereQ 934 97734' x 7'6131
870N 26-02-45§16:12Off ClactonSea, near Clacton.Off Map M 5931In Sea
871N 26-02-45§18:27LeytonLeytonL 825 04853' diameter16
872N 26-02-45§20:25West HamWest HamL 836 02145' diameter22
873N 26-02-45§23:05PitseaPitsea MarshesM 182 04248' diameter
874N 27-02-45§01:23CrayfordCrayford - in ThamesQ 978 974In River
875? 27-02-45§01:25DagenhamDagenhamL 928 11147' x 10'
876N 27-02-45§02:24Kelvedon HatchKelvedon Hatch, EssexM 015 16829' x 8'5
877N 27-02-45§02:29IlfordIlford.L 907 07930' x 10'8
878N 27-02-45§04:33SevenoaksChevening, KentQ 945 72827' x 9'
879N 27-02-45§05:33Theydon GarnonTheydon Garnon, EssexL 928 19648' x 12'
880N 27-02-45§07:45North StiffordNorth Stifford, EssexR 049 99644' x 10'
881N 27-02-45§09:22SwanscombeMilton Street, SwanscombeR 042 929Direct Hit Air Breakup848
882N 27-02-45§10:51MountnessingInglestone, Essex / Mountnessing, EssexM 103 16536' x 11'
883K 28-02-45§00:23Newhall GreenNewhall Green, Hertfordshire.L 838 34738' x 12'
884K 28-02-45§01:21ChingfordEnfield / ChingfordL 812 14034' x 10'
885K 28-02-45§03:14West HamEast HamQ 869 994Direct Hit
886K 28-02-45§05:07ErithCallender Cable Works, Erith - airburst some factory damageQ 952 984Airburst
Transcription of The Ministry of Home Security list of "BIG BEN" (V2 rocket) incidents in February 1945. National Archives Document Reference - AIR 20/4126 - Data used by permission of The National Archives
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  1. I don’t see this one on your list so here are the details I managed to get from my Mum. A V2 Rocket destroyed her house in Audrey Road, Ilford on 20th February 1945. It landed at the rear of Ilford Ltd in the area of Roden Street and Audrey Road.

    Leading Aircraftman FRANK SAPSED (1438301) was my Aunt’s fiancee, and was killed. He had recently returned from India and on a visit to my Aunt Edna suffered a bout of Malaria. He was too ill to return home so had bedded down on the sofa. My aunt had just left the house to get him some medicine and was a few hundred yards up the road when the V2 rocket exploded and completely destroyed the house which was in Audrey Road, Ilford. Frank was buried in the rubble along with my Nan (Nellie Morris) and my cousin Geoffrey. Frank was killed but my Nan and cousin were rescued alive from the wreckage some hours later. This was front page news in the national newspapers. My Mum, who is now 84 tells me this was the last V2 to fall on London. (Don’t know if that’s true).

    Frank is buried in what was known as The Chase Cemetery (now known as Eastbrookend Cemetery) in Dagenham, Essex.

    When Mum visited his grave many years ago it had a simple wooden cross with his details on it. My sister visited yesterday and it is now marked with a white engraved headstone, presumably provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as his details appear on their web site.

  2. The 14th February strike in Hackney was in a school playground, behind the main school building school and adjacent to Hackney Downs Station. My Parents were living in Sigdon Road, acress from the playground and their home was severely damaged in the Valentines Day blast. There are photos of the damage to the school at Hackney Archives, and I then deposited there a copy of my parents’ claim for bomb damage which came to £342. Interestingly, such claims were to be paid only after the war ended, which I suppose gave the populace even more incentive to win the war!

  3. The strike on 14 Feb 1945 you show just to the north of Sigdon Road, Hackney was I believe actually in the playground of what is now the Brook Community School, adjacent to the slight bend in Sigdon Road. My parents lived at the time across from the School Playground and their home was severely damaged and later demolished. Looking at the location now suggests that I’m correct, as where your impact is currently centered the old houses are still intact, while where the road bends the housing is of a much newer vintage. Photos of the damaged school are in Hackney Archives. The damage resulted in a “War Damages Claim” amounting to £342, which was paid after the war. Quite why my parents didn’t buy a home with that money will be an eternal mysteryto me.

  4. The V-2 which exploded in the Front Meadow at Palmers Farm, Hall Lane, Shenfield on Friday 16th February 1945 was reported as causing injury to 2 people. Farmworker Lily was permanently deafened by the blast, and my grandfather, Allan Craig McCheyne, was blown over, got up to catch the horse (which had also been permanently deafened), but shortly after he collapsed. He died the next day in the London Hospital Annexe in Brentwood (where parts of the Whitechapel Hospital had relocated to during the war) and it was discovered that shrapnel had moved into his kidney.

    • On 26th February,1945 I was one day old born in Hainault Hospital, Erith. My parents Gwen and Perce Davies lived at 8 Abbey Crescent ( off Upper Abbey Road ) with my Aunt and Uncle, Babs and Stan Davies approximately 150 yards from the point where the V2 rocket dropped with 6 persons killed and 131 seriously injured. My father was at home getting ready to visit my mother and me at Hainault Hospital when the bomb dropped.My father was thrown to the floor causing minor injuries to him and very severe damage to the house caused by the blast. By co-incidence,the previous
      Day ( 25th February) Hainault Hospital in Erith received a hit from a V1 Flying Bomb which landed immediately adjacent to the nursery at the hospital which caused the outside wall to collapse. I was in the nursery in my cot at that time and I was blown out of the room still in my cot into the garden of the hospital. As a result of the blast I suffered a blast mark on my forehead which was apparent and visible when stressed until I was 3 years old. My mother, who was in an adjacent room at the time was shaken and shocked but otherwise uninjured. I understood from my parents that it was a V2 which had dropped on Hainault Hospital but when researching the Hospital on the internet recently I was surprised to read a report about the bomb which which was described as a V1. And mentioned one minor injury to a new born baby ie: me. 2 bombs, 2 different places, 2 dates, I family – lucky or what?

  5. Does anyone remember the bombs that fell on Walden Avenue? Our house, number 32, suffered from an incendiary attack on one occasion and suffered substantial damage from the rocket that dropped in February 1945. I was 4 years old and remember walking down the stairs that were covered in broken glass. My mother told me I was crying that I didn’t like our house without windows and a front door!
    Number 20, I think, was a bombsite that we used to play on. Does anybody know how it was destroyed? It can’t have been the rocket as that landed behind houses on the opposite side of the road.

    • The information you want is probably available. My mother was in the house on the ninth of February 19.45 when it was hit by a v2 rocket she survived but is no longer with us but her sister is

  6. Re Stowupland 828. This exploded somewhere above our house, with the remains landing in a field behind. The casing was used for some time by the local farmer as a flower planter. The remains are now at the Aircraft museum in Flixton.

  7. I lived in 117 de vere gardens the front of our house was damaged.
    I think i was 5 at the time .We went to St andrews church for some food.
    I was sent to relations at harrow on the hill.The night that it happend
    if i had been in my bed in the front of house i would have been hurt.
    I can remember being in the air raid shelter .n back garden with my grandad
    also looking with him at the sky at planes.

  8. My great aunt, great uncle and their son were killed on 3rd February 1945 in Endlebury Road, Chingford. Does anyone know anything about this please.

    • I think this would be incident number 675 which actually took place on 5 February 1945.

      The Civilian War Dead Register gives the following details:

      surname forename age date_of_death cemetery memorial additionalinformation

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